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Ugram Movie

Ugram is a mass action movie, Sahu Garapati, and Harish Peddi produced the film under the banner of Shine Screens. The music for Ugram will be available on Junglee Music. Whacked Out Media is handling digital media promotions. Ugram is going to be released on April 14, 2023. Allari Naresh and Vijay Kanakamedala are turning out to be crazy combinations. The hero and director duo delivered a big hit with Naandhi and are readying another massive project Ugram. The makers who are planning to release the movie in the summer kick-started the promotions by releasing the teaser today. Hero Naga Chaitanya did the honors of launching the video.

Ugram Movie Teaser

Ugram teaser presents Allari Naresh in a whole new avatar. The actor has played a serious and intense cop role for the first time in his career. The teaser is filled with action, and Naresh perfectly fits those cop costumes. The best part of the Ugram teaser is Sri Charan Pakala’s background score. The first few minutes of the teaser appear to be a perfect fight composition with excellent lighting.

Ugram teaser has the shades of a standard cop movie template where a policeman with a loving family and a happy life loses everything and then goes on a hard journey for revenge. Well, this is just anticipation based on the context of the teaser. There it can be much more special than this, as we have already known Vijay Kanakamedala’s skill in telling a thrilling story like Naandhi earlier.

The teaser begins on an interesting note with Naresh making his entry as a cop and bashing lawbreakers in a jungle. The villain warns him saying, “Vanti Meeda Uniform Undane Kadha Ee Pogaru… Ee Roju Neede…Naako Rojosthundi… (All your arrogance is because of the uniform.

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Movie Story

The cop turns more aggressive and shows his Ugraroopam when his family is targeted. Vijay Kanakamedala presented Allari Naresh’s character in a new yet intense manner. As a sincere police officer, Naresh not only fits in well, but he also performs commendably to keep us engaged. Mirnaa played Naresh’s wife.

Toom Venkat provided the story, whereas Abburi Ravi penned some powerful dialogues. Produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi of Shine Screens, the production design looks grand. Sid’s cinematography for this intense actioner is outstanding, while Sricharan Pakala brings additional strength with his background score. Chota K Prasad is the editor for the movie, wherein Brahma Kadali is the production designer.

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