Chengiz Movie News and Updates, Story, Trailer, Release Info

Chengiz has been penned, directed and co-produced by filmmaker Rajesh Ganguly. Director Neeraj Pandey is also credited with Chengiz’s story, while Jeet himself has bankrolled the film. The music has been composed by Aneek Dhar. Produced by Jeet, Gopal Madnani and Amit Jumrani, ‘Chengiz’ has been directed by Rajesh Ganguly who has also worked on the dialogues and screenplay. Based on a story by Neeraj Pandey and Rajesh Ganguly, the film is set for an Eid release on the 21st April 2023. Here get the details about Chengiz Movie news and updates.

Chengiz Movie Trailer

The first trailer of Bengali superstar Jeet’s upcoming film Chengiz is here, and it promises an action-packed experience where the actor will not only be seen mouthing filmy and over-the-top dialogues, but will also perform some cool-looking action bits.

The nearly three-minute clip shows Jeet as Chengiz, a person who has lost his family but finally emerges as the mafia lord of a torn Calcutta. Jeet’s character calls himself a businessman, who deals with drugs and bets on sports. The trailer gives viewers a sneak peek into Chengiz and his brutal world while introducing Jeet as all-guns-blazing. The actor is seen in a completely different lethal yet stylish avatar in addition to the violent action and battle scenes, thundering background score, and whistle-worthy language. It’s interesting that the movie will concurrently debut this Eid in Bengali and Hindi.

Movie Story

The plot revolves around the underworld fabric of Calcutta from the 70’s to the mid-90’s while capturing and chronicling the journey of Chengiz, an underworld kingpin who used to rule the streets once. Directed by Rajesh Ganguly, the film also has Shataf Figar, Susmita Chatterjee and Rohit Bose Roy in important roles. Based on a story by Neeraj Pandey and the director himself, the action flick has already upped the excitement bar among fans, especially after the release of the trailer both in Hindi and Bengali.

Songs Info

For those who are unaware, the first song from the movie, “Widda,” was recently released and is already very popular. The song has the ideal vibe for a bouncy dance track thanks to its extremely upbeat beats and lyrics. In fact, Jeet’s fashionable appearance and enigmatic attitude in the song are also being praised. Aneek Dhar wrote the song’s melody, and Divya Kumar’s electrifying voice instantly made it popular. Panchhi Jalonvi wrote the lyrics, while Imran Sardhariya choreographed the dance for “Widda.”

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