Bimbisara Full Movie Download Online, Story, Review

Bimbisara Full Movie Download

Bimbisara is a Telugu action drama movie, Debuting director Vashisht written and directed the movie. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Katherine Theresa, Samyuktha Menon, and Varina Hussain are in the main lead roles. The film music was composed by Chirantan Bhatt and the cinematography has given by Chhota K Naidu and the editor is Tammiraju. While the movie produces by Harikrishna under the banner of NTR Arts. The movie released on 5th Aug 2022. Here get the details about Bimbisara full movie download.

Bimbisara Movie Trailer

NTR Arts released the trailer of the Bimbisara movie. The trailer shows the elements of Bimbisara, a ruler of the Magadha Empire with an iron fist from the 5th century BC. Bimbisara has all the traits of a narcissistic. He heard saying at one point, I am the God and I’m the devil.

Although the storyline does not revolve around just the king, it also has a parallel narration with modern times. The king lands in the modern world through time travel and experiences the new times as a suit-clad rich man. Nevertheless, such a story cannot be completed without a delusional antagonist, who aspired to make the world bow down at his feet and the film enjoys that.

Movie Story

Bimbisara movie is the story of King Bimbisara, one of the early rulers of the Magadha dynasty, also laid the foundation of the Haryanka dynasty in the 5th century. This period action drama follows the story of this legendary ruler.

Emperor Bimbisara who seems to have ruled his lands with an iron fist. Bimbisara has all the tendencies of a megalomaniac as we hear him saying, I am the God and I’m the devil. But, the story is not just about a king who lived several hundred years ago. The movie also set in modern times. The king reincarnated as a suit-wearing rich man. Also, there is a deluded villain who nurtures the ambition of making the world bow at his feet.

And the conflict between two inflated egos plays out in true SS Rajamouli style. The reincarnation, the evil tantric, the muscular villain and the hero who wants to fight 100 people on any given afternoon – alas, Bimbisara, more or less, looks like a tackier version of Magadheera. Only, the makers of Bimbisara seem to have not held back on doubling down on the blood, gore and violence purely for the sake of guilt-free entertainment.

Bimbisara Full Movie Download

Bimbisara movie is now entertaining in theatres. Kalyan Ram comes from Nandamuri family but he entertains the audience in his own way. Bimbisara is a different concept movie. Definitely, he doing his best in this movie. We suggest audiece watch Bimbisara movie only in theatres.

Movie Review

The first half of the movie goes with Kalyan Ram’s performance as Bimbisara and with some action blocks and ends with interval bang and then the second half shifts into Hyderabad where in the beginning falls flat but once a current timeline guy experiences the Bimbisara soul, from there to the climax hooked the audience.

Although Bimbisara’s story isn’t particularly original, the premise and the protagonists’ negative shades are intriguing enough to keep you watching until the end. The film does have some problems, however, including a love story that doesn’t land and a few songs that feel forced into the screenplay, as well as some missing logic.

It’s hard to pick a favorite character from Kalyan Ram’s two performances; he’s so brilliant at transforming into his roles, and delivering his lines, that he stands out. Bimbisara features an impressive ensemble cast, but what really jumps out is Prakash Raj’s performance as Vishwanandan Varma.

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