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Anushka Sharma Cute family photo
Anushka Sharma Family, Mom Dad and Brother

Anusha Sharma Father

Her Father is Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma an army officer by profession he is originally from Utter Pradesh, and very close to Anushka Sharm’s heart. Father has always been the hero of a daughter’s life. Anushka’s Father is in support with her profession.

Anushka sharma's Father
Anushka Sharma and her Father

As per Anukhas tweets, her Father been an excellent guide and mentor. He has thought two things which are, to always do the right things and be compassionate in any condition of life. Though she has the individual identity and big stardom, she is proud of being an army officers daughter than a famous star.

Anushka Sharma Moms new pic
Anushka Sharma's Mother
Anushka Sharma Mom Old Pic

Mother – Ashima Sharma

Mother’s name is Ashima Sharma is a housewife, and belong to Gwalior. Her Mother is a beautiful lady; She always loves to spend quality time with her Mother. In the busy lifestyle, Anushka Sharma takes out time for her family and especially for her Mother.

Whenever Anushka takes her Mother out in public along with her, she becomes very conscious for her Mother. There are movements where Anushka herself got hurt in protecting her Mother.

She has come from a typical middle-class family. There were times they did not have money for dancing class of Anushka, and her Mother stitched the cloths to ensure she goes to dance class and archives the dream.

Anushka Sharma Brother – Karnesh Sharma

Anushka Sharma and brother Karnesh sharma
Anushka Sharma with her Brother

Her Brother is Karnesh Sharma, Anushka and her brother run “Clean slate film production company“. They are the only brother and sister producer team working in Bollywood as if now. He knows everything about her, and he is the only person that Anushka listens and cares. They are very similar.

He went to merchant navy at the age of 17 years. They were talking over email. Anushka says they got very close to each other during those days. Before that, He was very popular in college, and all of Anushka’s friend’s use to watch Karnesh. His nickname is Kannu. Very was a very cool guy in the college. Both of them have studied at the same and school and college.

Anushka Sharma Husband – Virat

Husband is Virat Kholi; There is hardly anybody who does not know him. She married to Indian cricket captain. Got married in the year of 2018.
Its been one of the biggest event of the year.

Before 2013 he was a different Virat and I must say Anushka has brought a lot of stability to Virat’s life. Nothing is more beautiful for Virat Kohli to find a caring, loving, and understanding, intelligent wife like Anushka Sharma. All Bollywood celebrity has said in their interview that Anushka Sharma in most dignified lady in Bollywood who has lots of values in her life

Anushka and Virat together

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