Top 5 College Comedies of All Time

College years are so exciting that they have inspired numerous filmmakers to produce the most iconic comedies. The films are a great moment to have fun while still learning about these golden years of your life. Wondering where I get time to watch movies despite all the assignments and demanding coursework? I pay someone to do homework for me, and in the process create more time to relax. 

College Comedies

While college life has inspired a lot of movies, some of the titles stand out. They explore relationships in college, academic work, social life, and personal journeys. Here are the top 5 college comedies of all time. 

Legally Blonde

The comedy was so huge that it made the entire world fall in love with Reese Witherspoon. It redefined her Holly Wood career, setting it up on a new trajectory. The movie was released in 2001 where she pulled off the character of a really charming yet funny woman. 

She plays Elle Woods, a girl who is dumped and ends up following the boyfriend to Harvard Law School. She appears to have been favored by the scriptwriter because she has the punchiest lines. Her thesis is also extremely interesting. However, she gives a different dimension of blondes by being extremely smart unlike the typical definition of a blond. 

Wonder Boys

The film was released in 2000. It has a unique twist from the others in that the writer takes the perspective of a faculty member and not a student. It borrows the storylines of popular books by Michael Chabon. 

The man of the moment is Michael Douglas who is always be-scarfed. He is teaching creative arts and has to compete with his students who are about to outsmart him. You will love the setting, giving you an idea of how amazing colleges can be. 

Dear White People

The comedy hit the screens in 2014 addressing racial and identity issues in colleges. It appeared to be a precursor to what the world would witness about racial relations from 2016 onwards. The college is already hypersensitive about racial relations. They are waiting for a trigger. You can guess who will provide this trigger and how the conflict will be solved. 

Old School

The comedy takes you back to 2003 and the beautiful years of college. It deconstructs the idea of a torturous place where people have beer and bros around. It features a guy who is given a chance to return back to college-though not literally. You will understand the temptation of living in the nostalgia for what college used to feel during your days. 

Monsters University 

Pixar has a unique talent of making college-related movies then marketing them to children- who have no idea what college feels like. The outfit picked Mike and Sulley from the movie Monsters and sent them to college. Their union and friendship are a threat to college life. The university fraternity must collaborate to tear them apart. Enjoy the comedy that unfolds. 

College life is so diverse that it gives producers endless ideas. Exploring these ideas is also a chance for producers to showcase their creativity. These titles definitely fit the bill of the top college comedies of all time.

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