Sunny Leone Lust Perfume products to the market


A Bollywood success queen, Sunny Leone has started entrepreneurship also. we will have to how people accept the product. There is a lot of analysis done on customer buying behavior. The product is available in online stores like Amazon and Flipkart, Search with the name Sunny Leone Lust Perfume.

Sunny Leone perfume brand

Image released by Sunny Leone on Twitter

The name of the brand is Sunny Leone Perfume. There multiple variants for both men and women. She has released a teaser of the blank product without the brand name on it on Twitter. the colors, bottles, and fragrances are been selected according to Indian customers. Sunny Leone family is very happy with the product launch

Sunny Leone perfume price

Amazon Lust perfume suggestions
Amazon Lust perfume suggestions

The product is ranging from 200 to 900 Rs, There are combo packs available with multiple fragrances on Flipkart. let’s discuss the review from customers.

Sunny Leone perfume Flipkart

Perfume on Flipkart,

Lust Perfume on Flipkart
Lust Perfume on Flipkart,

Sunny Leone Lust perfume Amazon

Perfume on Amazon

Sunny Leone Lust Perfume Amazon
Sunny Leone Lust Perfume Amazon

Sunny Leone perfume review

There is a mixed reaction from customers as if now. Some are saying packages problem, and some are saying it’s not long-lasting, overall rating in Flipkart and amazon is 3.5.

Buy one if you want to and test it. my personal opinion on this is, the fragrance is good and long-lasting if perfume is used as perfume. Packaging problems are there but then can blame the perfume brand.

Sunny Leone perfume unboxing


Abijith unboxing the perfume Sunny Leone Lust Perfume products to the market purchased purple.com in channel Mumbai Musafir, He has ordered both perfume for men and women. he talks about complete specifications and colors, Will be helpfull for you.

Sunny Leone deodorant Promotion


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