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Shehzada a 2023 Indian Hindi action movie directed by Rohit Dhawan. Co-produced by T-Series Films, Haarika & Hassine Creations, Geetha Arts and Brat Films. A remake of the 2020 Telugu movie Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, Kartik Aaryanplaed the lead role and also co-produced the film. Kriti Sanon, Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Rajpal Yadav, Ronit Roy and Sachin Khedekar played important roles in this movie. Pritam composed the music for this movie and the producers are Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Aman Gill, Allu Aravind, S. Radha Krishna, Kartik Aaryan. Here get the details about Shehzada full movie download.

Shehzada Movie Trailer

It should be a crime to make certain films in the 21st century. And a film where a boy (would you call Kartik Aaryan a man, think hard) turns out good simply because his genetics are originally of a rich family, even if he had been swapped at birth into a clerk’s abode, as opposed to his counterpart who never really rises above his poor clerk family genes despite living in privilege, should surely qualify.

Particularly when the clerk who is instrumental in this baby swap is called, only and only, Valmiki. He does this out of all kinds of wrong reasons, and has almost no redeeming feature. Do they not know how wrong this is on all levels, or they just don’t care?

Movie Story

The rich Jindals in contrast, who have lost their Shehzada unknowingly to Valmiki, are nice enough people — even if they do treat old retainer Valmiki pretty shittily. The filmmakers even splurge on acting talent when it comes to the Jindals, putting Sachin Khedekar (the patriarch), Manisha Koirala (his daughter) and Ronit Roy (his son-in-law), all in that corner which they clearly care more for.

And then there is Kriti Sanon, a hotshot lawyer for some reason who never sees the inside of a courtroom but does add some good-looking gloss to the tosh. . She flits in and out of the Jindal world as a potential match for their good-for-nothing son (the very same baby, originally Valmiki’s, now living the rich life). This poor brat, Raj, has so little to do after his foreign degree that he drives a toy car around the house.

There is a villain other than Valmiki (Paresh Rawal), and he is someone who wants to do some bad things using the Jindal cargo ships, which the Jindals absolutely won’t allow. It leaves this man, with a killer umbrella for a weapon and some good clothes and cars, very, very angry, and very, very snarly.

Shehzada Full Movie Download

Shehzada movie is now entertaining in theatres. The movie is the remake of the Telugu superhit blockbuster Ala vaikuntapuram Lo. In that language, the movie created a sensation in records. Now the time to Shehzada, Karthik is a very energytic actor in Bollywood, and also he is suitable for this type of genre. We recommend the movie lovers please watch Shehzada movie in theatres only. Because of you didn’t miss the best blockbuster hit film.

Movie Review

Shehzada, the Hindi remake of Allu Arjun’s Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020), is a complete star vehicle for Kartik Aaryan. The film completely revolves around the actor, even neglecting other characters and storylines in favour of its lead. The actor is convincing enough in this old-fashioned tale of babies switched at birth and a motivation for revenge which exceeds everything. His character Bantu, however, is a charismatic, street smart young man, who rights every wrong that comes his way.

Trivikram Srinivas’ story remains to as mediocre as it was in the original which solely saved by the charm of the stylish Allu Arjun and blockbuster music. The film starts as a Tik-Tok video and remains to one sprinkled with songs that will also just trend on social media for as short as the attention span of today’s ‘reel-watching’ Audience. Rohit Dhawan’s screenplay also retains the same style as Trivikram Srinivas’ film.

This one also loses the motif of the character worshipping himself throughout but that somewhere acts as an anchor for Allu’s Bantu to be far more superior because of the charisma. Even the fight sequences are built on somewhat the same action choreography displaying the lack of team r&d. Sanjay Leela Bhansai’s favorite Sudeep Chatterjee holds the camera along with Sanjay F. Gupta unfortunately to copy-paste even the angles from the original.

The antagonism in Shehzada comes from Bantu’s struggle to find out where he belongs. However, Paresh isn’t really portrayed as a ‘real’ villain, just a frustrated man. His deep-seated desire to see his son succeed and punish the son of his nemesis played up for laughs. Bantu calls him his ‘pichhle janam ka paap (his karma from a previous lifetime)’. The villain’s role instead handed to Sunny Hinduja’s Sarang, who becomes a plot contrivance to move the story along and give the rest of the characters something to bond over.

While I haven’t watched the Telugu original, it seems the Hindi film doesn’t stray far from the source material. Certain things have been updated for a Hindi audience, but this too remains a hero-driven feature. Shehzada, with its over-the-top production design, and catchy musical numbers by Pritam, is far too loud to leave an impact. At 145 minutes, it isn’t exactly boring, but it does lag as it drags out the parentage issue.

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