Aditya Roy Kapoor’s Rashtra Kavach Om Full Movie Download Online

Rashtra Kavach Om Full Movie Download

Rashtra kavacha Om is a Bollywood action thriller movie. Kapil Verma is the director of the movie and written by Raj Saluja, Niket Pandey. Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjana Sanghi, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Prakash Raj, and Prachee Shah Paandya are playing key roles. The producers are Zee Studios, Ahmed Khan, and Shaira Khan under the
Zee Studios and A Paper Doll Entertainment Production. The movie relleased on 1st July 2022. Here get the details about Rashtra kavacha Om Full Movie Download.

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Trailer

The soldier-cum-spy who has a bullet lodged in his head is Om Rathore and he is from a family of patriots who has served the nation well. However, his exploits are generally brainless. His actions have nothing to do with the tricks that his mind plays – it is the screenplay that is to blame.

Movie Story

The premise of Rashtra Kavach Om revolves around a team of special investigating RAW agents whose job is to bring back a nuclear shield that a scientist once built to defend India against nuclear attacks. However, this scientist, played by Jackie Shroff, breaks his promise and these RAW agents now have to track down the traitor and bring back the shield.

An ace soldier who has led some of the most successful missions for the Indian Army, Om is on a mission to also clear his dad off the traitor tag. Just as he reaches a step closer to his personal mission, he is shot in the head and he loses his memory.

Six months later, he wakes up from a coma with only one memory — his younger self watching his dad (Jackie Shroff) supposedly die in a burning house. With pieces of his memory, Kavya (Sanjana Sanghi) manages to help him find his house and the truth slowly starts to unfold. Om was not born with the identity. He was previously known as Rishi and he was eventually adopted by his uncle and aunt. His identity changes after the couple loses their own child named Om.

Rashtra Kavach Om Full Movie Download

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Movie Review

Rashtra Kavach: Om’ opens with what looks like a video-game action sequence where no one and nothing feel real. It looks like Aditya Roy Kapur is introduced like a player in Call of Duty, or some other firing guns and shooting people video game.

The first-fifteen minutes of the film has every element to displease the audience. The slow camera movement panning Aditya Roy Kapur’s muscular body so as to introduce to us another action-hero in Bollywood that feels totally weird and out-of-place. Prakash Raj and Ashutosh Rana’s cringeworthy dialogues make the look and the feel of the film intense. But, we have all seen and learnt from many ensemble films, especially those from the Dharma banner that having a strong supporting cast does not make a good film. In fact, it’s even harder trying to see them do their best to save a disappointing script.

The action choreography is a definite plus and somewhat makes up for the otherwise lengthy and laborious screenplay. Aditya Roy Kapur is smouldering in his new macho avatar as an out-and-out action hero. The effort and dedication he has put into physically transforming himself for the role shows on screen. His action is impressive, and this is a genre he can probably explore more.

Since there is no defence system that can reverse the ill effects of bad writing, Rashtra Kavach Om is never in with a chance of putting two sensible ideas together. Of course, the film has absolutely no dearth of ridiculous plot twists that take one’s breath away with their resolute banality.

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