Ranu Mondal -Age, Family background and controversies

Ranu Mondal Then and Now Image
Ranu Mondal Then and Now

Introduction – Internet Sensation from Railway platform singer to Bollywood and Internet sensation

Ranu Maria Mondal is one of the most sensational Indian singers who are in the limelight for her singing. A passer-by saw Ranu Mondal at a railway station and took her singing video. He uploads the video to the social platform goes viral across various platforms. Ranu’s life changed overnight as she was the talk of the town. She is fortunate to get a break at the age of 50 Years.

Ranu Mondal was born to a low-income family on 5 November 1960 at Kartikpara. In a village near Krishnanagar in Nadia district of West Bengal. She is coming from a low-income family background the childhood was challenging. Her father Aditya Mondal, a street hawker, was the only earning source. In her very early age, she lost her father which made her and the family’s life more difficult.

Ranu Mondal now an internet sensation. She was married to late Babulal when she just 19 years old. Mrs. Mondal has a daughter and her name is Swati, who left her for ten years.

Ranu Mondal with Daughter Swati after the grand success
Ranu Mondal with Daughter Swati after the grand success


Ranu Mondal’s Stardom-Railyway platform to Internet Sensation-Bollywood Break story

She was singing to beg for basic needs at Ranaghat Junction- West Bengal. Atindra Chakraborty, a passer-by at the railway station, recorded her singing of Lata Mangeshkar’s old song “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai”. She shared the recorded video on social networking sites. This video went viral and appreciation started pouring. The society from Bollywood celebrities to common social media users noticed her singing.


As we say ” Jab Upar Wala deta hai,chapar Faad ke deta hai” that really true in case of Ranu Mondal. Superstar singer reality show invites her to sing in their show on TV. One of the Judges of the show -Composer and singer turned actor “Himesh Reshammiya” appretiates her voice and singing skills. He immediately offered her to record a song for his upcoming Hindi Bollywood film “Happy Hardy and Heer”. Ranu Mondal’s destiny changed at the age of 50. she began her Bollywood journey as a singer in 2019,

Ranu Mondal got 6-7 Lakh Indian rupees for singing “Teri Meri” Hindi song for Himesh Reshammiya’s movie “Happy Hardy and Heer”. As per reports Ranu Mondal has recorded three songs for Himesh’s movie. as per some social media reports a Kolkata based club has invited Ranu Mondal to perform a Durga Pooja theme song on occasion of Durga Pooja.

Himesh Reshammiya statement before offering a singing contract to Ranu Mondal

Himesh and Ranu on Singingstar
Himesh and Ranu on Singingstar

Salman (Khan) Bhai’s father Salim uncle once advised me that whenever in life I come across a talented person, I should never let that person go and keep him/her close to me. He advised me to help that person grow his/her talent. Today, I met Ranuji and I feel that she is blessed with divinity. Her singing was mesmerizing and I could not stop myself from offering her the best I could. She has a god’s gift which needs to be shared with the world and by singing in my upcoming movie, ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’, I think I will help her voice reach everyone.

Ranu Mondal’s Controversy

Ranu Mondal became an overnight internet sensation of the country over social and news media, but “as we say success needs to be handled carefully if you don’t you might lose it soon”. She immediately hit the headlines for wrong reasons, after returning back home from her first song recording.


In an interview, she insulted “Atindra Chakraborty and others who have been involved in her success. while speaking to them she said ” Today whatever I have achieved it is all because of God. my success journey is created by God and I am thankful to him.

Atindra and Tapan another localite who played a key role in backing Ranu Mondal in her success is nothing but a god’s slave.they are only servants. This statement of Ranu Mondal was not taken in the right spirit across all forms of society and social platform, she soon came into limelight for wrong reasons- for not respecting the people who were behind her success. Ranu Mondal is enjoying her fame, hopefully, she handles her success well in the coming days and realizes her mistake.

Salman Khan gifted Ranu Mondal a house-Is it true?


Ranu Mondal came once more into the limelight as there were reports of Salman Khan (Bhai) of Bollywood gave her a house and car. Later she clarified all the rumors. Ranu Mondal’s recent interview with Navbharat Times, she said, “No! If it’s about gifting a house, Salman Khan would’ve made an announcement about it. If not this, he may have clarified that he’s gifting it to a friend or relative. But, till now Salman khan has not officially announced anything. It would be wrong to assume things & create such stories around me.”

she said that “I didn’t tell anyone to help me and I will never ask for any help from Salman Khan (Bhai) too. when these rumors came to my notice, I thought it could be true or not, I was not sure. I also heard him gifting me a Red car, there was a list of items. But, I would’ve trusted the news only if Salman had contacted me directly.”

Lata Mangeshkar’s Views on Ranu Mondal


Bollywood Singing legend and sensation of the century Lata Mangeshkar’s views on Internet sensation, Ranu Mondal did not go down well with a section of social media users, but it seems the comments have not affected Ranu’s morale. Mondal clearly said that I will always be junior to Lataji, she considers “Lataji her senior”. she said “such rumours and controversy are common. I will request all not to make any comparison with such legendary “Bollywood Icons”

Ranu Mondal in her recent interview with Navbharat Times, said, “Lataji ki umar ke hisab se mai choti thi, hu aur aage ja kar bhi rahungi.. Bachpan se unka awaz pasand hai. (As far as age is concerned, I am younger to her and will always remain her junior. I have loved Lataji’s voice since childhood).”


Lata Mangeshkar ji said Ranu Mondal, she expressed happiness but with reservations. but Lata Mangeshkar said that “Agar mere naam aur kaam se kissiko bhala hota hai toh main apne-aap ko khush-kismat samajhti hoon.

Aspiring singers like Ranu Mondal and others can get short term attention by singing my songs or Kishoreda’s or (Mohd) Rafi Saab’s, or Mukesh Bhaiyya or Asha’s (Bhosle). This statement was not well taken by some sections of social media. but Ranu Mondal is enjoying the early days of controversy, comparison with big Bollywood icons, she looks like a long innings players if stays grounded.

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