Paggamit 2021 – Everything You Need to Know about Netflix’s Original Movie (Cast, crew, movie news and plot)

Paggamit, released on Netflix and directed by the very famous Umesh Best on March 21, 2021, is a dark comedy-drama that is not your regular Bollywood film! Backed up by the production houses of Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Guneet Monga, and Achin Yaga. All of them being members of some of the major production houses of Bollywood, like the Balaji Motion Pictures and the Sikhya Entertainment.

Paggamit 2021

Paggamit 2021

The movie stars some renowned and new budding actors like  Sanya MalhotraShruti Sharma, Raghubir Yadav, and  Ashutosh Rana in the lead roles. 

Pagglait has about 20 or more amazing songs by the best artists in the industry, including Arijit Singh, who needs no special recognition. The soundtracks featured here became hits and the MVs had countless views on youtube, Spotify, Jio Saavn, and other platforms. The success of the movie was partly determined by the social media marketing campaign which the promotion team worked hard on. But it is also thanks to the big names involved in the production and execution of the movie.


The trailer had an incredible reaction from the audience due to the featured stars and has a view count of about 4.4 million views just within a month! It can be viewed here.

Movie news

Sanya Malhotra was not the first choice for the leading role, but due to the sudden hype in her career by being the lead role in some of the Bollywood hits like Dangal and Patakkha, she has been the top choice for most of the Bollywood directors and is willfully a part of some interesting scripts! 

The trailer of Paggamit is itself very mysterious, which grasped the minds of the audience in a significant manner. But the real movie has some very unpredictable twists, which made this movie a hit!


The main plot of the movie revolves around an ordinary girl, Sandhya. Her husband died after a marriage of just five months. The movie portrays some very unusual instances where Sandhya, unlike any other grieving widow, is out there living her best life with no visible sorrow or sadness. This has a significant mark on her family members, including her in-laws. Unlike any traditional Hindu family, Sandhya does not follow the stereotypical behavior and treatment which is usually a given for any widow of India.

The main part comes when after a few months, Sandhya and her family discover that her husband had left her the sole nominee of a life insurance worth 50lakhs, which is indeed a tremendous amount. This is where she got to face all the hindrances in her life, starting from the regular family troubles of getting her married for the second time to just letting her be a widow.

The movie focuses on the tragic fate of most women in India, where they do not have the free will to make their own choices and decisions in life. The movie was very well-loved by the audience since it portrayed all the real-life incidents of every possible Indian family, which was very much relatable. Apart from the serious morals, the movie also has various comedic instances, making the Pagglait an all-rounder to watch with your friends and family!

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