MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online

MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online

MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online 2020 is one of the illegal websites to watch movies online and download videos. The whole family can easily watch the entire movie without going to theatres and having money spent. One way it’s helping the people who cannot afford to go out to theatres, and on the other hand, it is affecting the people who are involved in making the movies. Below in this article, you can find the Movierulz VCD.

Recently they have leaked the “Saaho Full HD Movie Download”. It took almost a year to make this movie and close to 2000+ people involved in the production.

How MovieRulz 2020 to function as a website. MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online

MovieRulz 2020 is trending because it’s easy to watch and download movies from this website. They use multiple domains since the government blocks these websites more often. I will give you the area they have below in the article.

They have Hollywood dubbed movies, Bollywood movies, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Marathi and Bengali movies. Along with that, they have TV shows, web series to watch online and download.

The speed of the website, considering the size of the content is breakneck. What you need is a device like smartphones, tablets, laptops and the personal computer to watch or download the entraining content.

There are many URLs or links you have to open to get the end content. It is a little confusing sometimes. I have seen people saying; there are spam links and the threat of virus from these websites. Suggesting you be careful if you want to visit them. Make sure that you have proper antivirus working on your device.

Quality of the content depends on how and from where they have got the content. There are multiple formats to watch and download. Most of the content is available in HD resolution.

Formats are mostly available in HEVC, MP4, AVI with 720p, 360p and 240p. This is only for people who are interested in the technical aspects of a video. Most of the people will not even care about what format or resolution. The end goal will be watching excellent entraining content.

The most-watched videos on this website are voice dubbed movies. Most of the South Indian movies are dubbed in the Hindi language which is trending. About 1 M to 60 M views will be there per video depending on the quality, Movie and star cast.

Many other websites do complete spam like they say download movies and once you click on the like, it will get diverted to some spam websites. MovieRulz 2020 does provide what they have promised to users. Mostly because they satisfy the end-user, they are famous in doing this business successfully. Videos are free on MovieRulz 2020.
There are videos which can be downloaded in a single click.

Hollywood movies on MovieRulz – MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online

There good English movies dubbed in various Indian language available like English to Hindi, English to Tamil, English to Telugu and English to  Kannada. There are big-budget movies like

1 Avengers: Endgame

2 The Lion King

3 Spider-Man: Far From Home Sony

4 Captain Marvel

5 Toy Story 4

6 Aladdin

7 Hobbs & Shaw

8 The Wandering Earth

9 Ne Zha

10 How to Train Your Dragon

There are lot of English movies, few are listed above.

MovieRulz, please don’t use such a website that is illegal and posts pirated content, where people download videos of every category.

The MovieRulz website posts many categories among the internet, such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam. This is the reason people search for the MovieRulz website link very frequently.

Apart from this, this website posts TV serials for those who like to watch TV Serials. You get all kinds of videos for free such as Hollywood in Hindi and South Indian Dubbed Movies, Marathi, Bengali Movies. You know that the Indian government mostly bans this kind of website. So, let me tell you that the idea is that all the websites that post new or old movies on their site are the pirated version of the content.

Hence Indian government has banned all the sites that deliver pirated content over the internet, MovieRulz site, also considered as pirated sites.

MovieRulz website links

As I said, there are multiple websites they manage because the government blocks their site more often. Don’t get surprised if the URL is not working which you have already visited.

Every time you want to watch the movies on these kinds of websites. You will have put the same effort to search their sites.

Below is a list of few domains they are managed. While I am typing, also it could have been blocked. But then, I will try to give you the live website links. In the meantime, U R L’s gets blocked in multiple ways. Some will happen on

MovieRulz website links

MovieRulz website links














They’re so much of websites which have got blocked by this time. The best way to search their website browses through Google search results

Those who post films on their website in every category and with many types of quality. The quality of the movie displayed under HD, Blu Ray, 480P, 720P, 1080P, MKV, MPEG, etc.

This site has indeed launched its mobile app. Their app is banned from the Google Play store, meaning that it is not available there, but they promote it through their platform so that people can install it on their devices.

They think that people should not face any difficulty in accessing their site, and they can easily find their website too. Apart from this, MovieRulz promotes this and explains that if a person installs and uses the app, then they will get an ad-free browsing experience in the browser. If you want to ask similar questions related to the website, then you can go to the live chat section written and ask. Handle this website The to-do team has added this feature to answer your questions.

How to unblock the blocked website – MovieRulz 2020

I’ll tell you an easy way to unblock this website. There are multiple ways our government blocks the website. It’s a lengthy subject to explain. I will think about making a separate article about it.

But if the website is available on the internet. Then you can go to “unblock.club”, this website usually helps to reopen the blocked websites. you simply need to go to unblock.club and put URL which you want to open and click on unblock button. Click on unblock button you may able to see the same website. Think about giving a try.

How to unblock the blocked website - MovieRulz 2019

How to unblock the blocked website – MovieRulz 2020

Otherwise, Most of the links are blocked with network restriction. You need a paid VPN service to open the website.

The price starts from $1.99 to $ 5 for a single user to use VPN service.

The surf shark is one of the most affordable VPN services with online payment service https://surfshark.com.

Private internet access is other most affordable VPN service with online payment service


You can even search the active domains in social media like twitter and Facebook. Also you can ask for it in the movie related groups.

MovieRulz.com popular movies leaked recently

They will be continuously hunting for big-budget movies and web series. It’s easy to find these movies and web series on some platform to download, MovieRulz is famous because of its downloads movies and publishes also. Its helps people who want to watch videos online or download for personal use to find the content easily without much effort.

MovieRulz.com popular movies leaked recently

MovieRulz.com popular movies leaked recently

Sahoo 2019

Mission Mangal

Zakhmi Romeo

Robot 2.0

The Zoya Factor

Victoria and Abdul




Batla House

Ek Aur Balwan

They leak the movies in the genres like Action, Romantic, Periotic, Cultural and web series. In my view, the most popular videos on this site are Robot 2.0. Later Bahubali 1 and 2 have become the most downloaded and viewed links they have. The record time – there are about two movies which got released even before release. I will not take the names of the film here. If you want to know, then browse the internet. There is a lot of info available on this topic.

Latest Leaked Movies available in Movierulz India is one of the major films released on October 25, starring Akshay Kumar, Abhi Deol, The film is shot between two-time intervals with the first interval being 1419 and the second interval is 2020. The producer of this film is Sajid Nadiadwala, and the film was directed by Sajid Khan, which was later completed by another director.

Majorly they release the Bollywood movies, Hindi Dubbed movies, web series, Punjabi, Bhojpuri movies. MovieRulz 2020: Download HD Dubbed Movies Online knows what kind of content is trending and will go viral as soon as they release the content. People who are fond of movies will know about this website.

Who downloads or watch movies online? MovieRulz 2020

It has become a trend to download and watch movies online. Everybody is fond of it, but most of them will be the age group of 16 to 22 years. The School and College going students participate in downloading the new movies. There could be multiple reasons for it.

Most of them will not get money to watch videos in a theatre or out of curiosity; they do it. For some its a pride factor to say that they have watched the movies without paying money.

Who downloads or watch movies online? MovieRulz 2019

Who downloads or watch movies online? MovieRulz 2020

Other websites are doing the same business-like MovieRulz?

It’s a common practice to download movies online since the internet is cheaper. Before 4 to 5 years there people were not able to download the massive video of high data size. Now since the internet is readily available, they prefer to use it however they want. The Government is taking strict measures to fix this problem with specific revision in internet policies. So far it’s not been entirely successful. Target to reduce this will take time and can be 100% fool proof.

However, there are about 20+ websites leaks the videos on the internet. Most of them are mentioned below.






















People running these websites are never found in most of the cases, and there are chances that many of the subdomains are owned by a very specific group of people or an individual.

The most popular and viral website is TamilRockers since it is known for leaking movies before release. It has become a headache for the movie production team.

Why downloading movies from MovieRulz is illegal?

When thinking about those 2000+ people, it’s illegal to leak the movie for free online. It impacts all their lives.

There are so many movie industries in India like Bollywood (Hindi), Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and so on. Approximately around 1 to 2 core families are there in the movie and entertainment industry who are surviving in this industry.

People choose to work in this industry, considering the kind of revenue they can earn. MovieRulz kind of websites is killing their dreams by giving the content for free to end consumers.

If you found to download the pirated videos, you will face jail or 2  Lakhs fine under the law.

There are the YouTube channels releasing the dubbed videos which can be watched because they are licenced content purchased from production houses directly. They are legal to watch or download for personal use only.

There are production units releasing their movies in online video streaming websites like amazon prime video, Netflix which are very safe to use and all of them are chargeable.

They may charge Rs.1000/- per entire month. Which is not costly for any of us? Just subscribe and start using it. They have exclusive web series as well which are very entraining.

At the same time, the other big film is the South-made Tamil film named Kaithi. Karthi, Narain, and Dheena have played the leading roles in this film. It is primarily an action thriller film, and the name of this film means prisoner. On October 25, another Tamil language, the big movie, has been released in which Thalapathy Vijay has acted. The film is based on sports and is full of action as well. AR Rahman has given music. Atlee has directed it. This website has leaked the film Ghost released on October 18.

The film Petromax, starring Tamannaah Bhatia, was released on October 11 and made available on this website soon after its release. It is a Tamil language film which is primarily a comedy horror film.

Why downloading movies from MovieRulz is illegal?

Why downloading movies from MovieRulz is illegal?

How Illegal sites download the movies?

There are various ways to do it. Few of the famous ways are,

Shooting the videos on theatre

Hacking the computer and getting the videos to form server

Shooting from TV

Smuggling the DVDs

Suggesting you not to involve in any of the activities mentioned above since it’s a punishable offence under the law.

Producers were also afraid that the Piracy of this film would not happen because it causes them a lot of damage.

They have invested a lot of money and used special effects in the film, and if the film is illegally passed on to the people, then the work done by them is not found to be in the right profit.

There are many websites like this. When such sites post new films, then the producers of these films have to suffer a lot because those who go to the theaters to watch the movie also see it on their mobile.

This is the reason why government bans such websites. If a person is caught in a crime of Piracy, then they can be imprisoned for three years or pay a fine of up to 10 lakh. It is also possible that they get both punishments.

There are many ways of entertainment.

Moviecanny never encourages you to visit the illegal movie website and also advises you not to download these contents.

We advise you should stay away from these websites and do not download their content.

What is the use of running this kind of illegals movies sites?

These sites make money from online advertisements published by Google absence, Propeller ads and other ad publishing platforms. Most will have poor quality ads and spam ads will be there on these websites. When you click on these ads, ad selling platforms pay the website owners. Websites need the traffic to these websites to get the ads clicked. The more we click on ads the more revenue they make

How can we stop revenue to these sites?

If we stop clicking the ads, it will be loose to the website owners and they might think of the alternative business. However, they will place the ads where there are clicks knowingly or unknowingly we tend to click on the ads which are in favour of website owners.

Ads also will not be from good services providers, Hair growth, adult content, and there is a lot of such illegal business who post the ads on these websites which is again a threat to visit their websites. Suggesting you be careful when you are clicking on them.

How Illegal sites download the movies?

How Illegal sites download the movies?

Disclaimer: Moviecanny will not support piracy in any condition. The mentioned article is for general knowledge purpose and to create awareness, Please be aware of such websites and do not use these websites at any condition. Choose the correct way of watching the content or videos for your entertainment.

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