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Kirik Party Full Movie Download

Kirik Party is a comedy and romantic Kannada film, directed by Rishab Shetty. The film is produced by Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, Rakshit Shetty, G.S.Guptha, and Paramvah Studios. The movie ft. Rakshit Shetty, Rashmika Mandanna. The supporting cast includes Samyuktha Hegde, Aravind Iyer, Dhananjay Ranjan, and Pramod Shetty. Rishab Shetty has given the Screenplay, while B. Ajaneesh Loknath has given the Music.

Kirik Party Story

Kirik Part film has 2 parts in the film. One when Karna and Saanvi’s story and the second part is about Arya and Karna.

The Story between Karna and Saanvi

The first part of the Kannada film is about Karna and Saanvi. Karna is a fun-loving kid. On the other hand, Saanvi is a studious student and a girl of a Police Officer. Indeed, everybody on the grounds like Saanvi, including Karna’s friends. Saanvi finds Karna a fascinating person, henceforth draws close to him.

Aside from that, Saanvi is likewise a book author who has composed a book about whores and their life. At some point, one of the whores Saanvi knows gets genuine work agony and brings forth a child young lady. At the point when Karna holds the child, Saanvi sees his opposite side.

On the last day of College, Saanvi and her friends choose to party. Because of pressure, Saanvi gets drunk and inadvertently falls off the window and kicks the bucket. Karna who used to frantically adored her gets heartbroken.


Karna’s Last Year In College

Now, Karna is somewhat recently of school. Truth be told, he has now gotten obstinate, arrogant, and haughty. Then again, another young lady Arya joins the school and starts loving Karna. Arya plans to change Karna and make him the manner in which he was in the first year of school. To get that going, Arya takes Karna on a lengthy drive and does things that make Karna smile.

Afterward, on one of his challenges, Arya takes Karna to Saanvi’s home. At the point when Karna meets Saanvi, he gets to know that even Saanvi use to cherish Karna. Saanvi’s dad gives Karna her little girl’s journal that referenced everything about Karna. Later, Karna visits the sex specialist whom Sanvi helped during her pregnancy.

Separated to realize that the sex laborer has left the messy work and gave Saanvi’s name to her little girl, Karna gets enthusiastic.

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Karna’s Trip To Find Himself

After Arya tells Karna that he should forget the past and should leave the future he gets passionate and goes on a long outing. Before his trip, he sells the vehicle he purchased with his friends and gives it to the Sex specialist for her Daughters education.

During his solo trip, he finds that he is in love with Arya and returns to the college on the last day. On the last day, he is sorry to the Dean of the college and reveals to him every one of the things he and his friends did. Later when the Dean of the college gets acquainted with that Karna’s love for her girl, they get yelled at and arrived behind the schedule of the grounds.

Movie Details:

Release Date29 December 2016
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Movie Length2hrs 45min
Budget4 cr
Box Office Collection50 cr

Kirik Party Full Movie Download HD

Kirik Party is an of the best romantic movie of 2016 and people may be looking through Movie Download. If you are looking for Kirik Party Full Movie download from illegal sites, at that point you are doing as per the Indian Copyright Law.

You should know the exertion that the producers and entertainers put into making the film. Hence, we demand everybody to search for Kirik Party film download from legal websites.

Kirik Party Tamilrockers

Kirik Party is a Tamil drama film. Which was released on 29 December 2016? Truth be told, the maker of the film not approved of any of the sites to disperse the film. In any case, Within a couple of hours after the film’s discharge in theaters, the Kirik Party​ film was spilled on Tamilrockers. Which is illicit according to the public authority law. Truth be told, Kirik Party will be live on TV channels by Mid 2017. Voot is one of the stages that is streaming Kirik Party Full movie for free. Try not to look for Kirik Party Tamilrockers, as it is an illegal site.

Where to watch Kirik Party Full Movie Online?

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Do Not Download Kirik Party From Illegal Websites

Paramvah Studios and Pushkar Studio are the legitimate proprietors of Kirik Party. Indeed, they host approved Voot to stream Kirik Party film online free of charge. While other streaming sites referenced beneath are giving Kirik Party Full film download illegally.

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