Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details, Review and wiki plot

Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details, Review and wiki plot:

Kaithi Movie actors and the performance review

‘Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details’ is an action-packed survival movie which was a Diwali Release, starring
Karthi [Dilli] in the lead role. The peculiarity of this movie is that it was shot only in nights and also there was no actress. Along with Karthi, Narain, Dheena, Ramana, George Maryan, Harish Uthaman, Amzath khan, Arjun Dass, Hareesh Peradi, Vatsan Chakravarthy, Mahanadi Shankar, and Krishnamoorthy are the other actors in this movie.

The performance of Karthi in Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details is very evident.


Kaithi Movie wiki plot

In this movie, Karthi is acted as a Jail Intimate, who has spent 10 years in Prison. He has been released from prison but somehow been arrested again by the police. Bejoy[Narain] was the head of Special Task Force, he has captured a huge amount of drugs and stored it in the basement of The Commissioner office, with the help of an undercover Cop who has been with the Drug Mafia for 2 years.

After ceasing a huge amount of Drugs, Narain[Bijoy] has come to meet IG [R N R Manohar] with other Police Officers as he was arranging a Party for the Police Officers.

But there is also a Police Officer who is working for the Drug Mafia as well. He has been instructed to infuse drugs on to the Police Officers who have been Present there.  In doing so he has Infused the drugs on the alcohol that the Police Officers were drinking. The effect of the drugs will last for about 8 hours and even may cause death. Bejoy who has not used the alcohol has escaped from the Drug Infuse and was left alone.

Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details, The dramatic emotional Kaithi Movie sequence

While he has searched for help he sees Dilli [Karthi] who has been seated in one of the Police Jeeps. He asks Dilli whether he can drive a Lorry, he nodded his head saying yes. Bejoy can’t drive the Vehicle because his Hand has been Fractured while ceasing the drugs. As the drugged Police Officers must been taken to the Hospital or else their life will be in danger.

Bejoy has released the Hand Cuffs and tell him to help out in this situation, but Dilli said he won’t help him out. As Dilli was in Prison  he was blessed with a baby girl who is 10 years old now. When he was going to meet her the Police had arrested him again. His daughter Amutha [Baby Monika] was in a Girls Orphanage with other girls who have lost their parents.

As Dilli wants no more trouble anymore he said he won’t help him. Bejoy then threatens Dilli as he would transfer his daughter far away from the place she is now and won’t see her again. After so much thinking Dilli promises to help him but told him that he should not have any problem by helping him. So with the help of workers present there Bejoy has loaded up the Police Officers on to the Lorry.

Bejoy has been warned by the undercover cop that the Drug Mafia has trying to get the Drugs back and had known where the ceased drugs has been storing and also they have been planned to kill the drug infused Police Officers so they have to avoid the Highway and come through shortcuts. So unaware of the shortcuts Bejoy  seek help from the workers who are there , Kamatchi [Dheena] said he would help them with the shortcuts.

Kaithi New Tamil full Movie Details – A thrilling twist in the Kaithi movie

So Bejoy has informed the Police officers who are present in the Commissioner office to stay alert that the gang was after the drugs which has been stored there. Meantime, Napoleon [George Maryan] who is a constable, has come to join duty there was also there. All the Police Officers except him had left the place in fear of the drug mafia as Napoleon had slept with the tiredness.

He was left with some college students who are being arrested for drunk and drive case. So the Journey begins, they have also loaded the Police Officer who has been helping the drug mafia who has been acting like he has also been drugged. So will they be able to get the Police Officers to the hospital and stop the Drug Mafia without laying their hands on the ceased drugs? Will Dilli able to see his daughter?


This movie was Written & Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Lokesh after the success of his debut movie Maanagaram had teamed up with Karthi for his 2nd venture. Sathyan Sooryan did the Cinematography, and he has done a fair job in capturing the visuals in the dark.

Philomin Raj edits the Film. Music &BGM download is done by Sam C.S. Dream Warrior Pictures produced this Film along with Vivekananda Films by S.R.Prakashbabu, S.R.Prabhu along with Tiruppur Vivek. Don’t miss this chance to watch Kaithi movie only in the theaters and enjoy this Diwali.

Kaithi Box Office Collection Report:

Kaithi has collected Rs 3.6 Crore in Tamil Box Office on Day 1, and it was around Rs 4-5 Crores. And World Wide gross for Kaithi is around Rs 14 Crore on day 2. By day 6, the movie has collected around Rs 25 Crores World Wide.

Being released on the same day, Kaithi is giving an excellent response when compared to Bigil. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has announced through his Twitter account that there is a Sequel for Kaithi movie.


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