Kaattum Mazhayum Movie News Updates, Cast & Crew, Releasing Details

Kattum Mazhayum Movie

Kaattum Mazhayum movie is an Indian Malayalam language movie. The director of this Kattum Mazhayum movie is Hari Kumar. We don’t want to release much of the movie story since it is a bit of a controversial one. The shoot itself might be affected if the whole story is revealed, says Najim, the scriptwriter of the Friday movie.

Cast & Crew:

The producers of this movie are Arun MC and Sudeep Karakkat. Unni Mukundan, M. P. Michael are the star features in the movie. While Meera Nandan, Praveena, Irshad, Mamukoya are supporting roles in this movie. The music of this movie is done by Madhusoodanan Nair Jayachandran, commonly known as M.Jayachandran, who has won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director several times.

Movie Plot:

The Kaattum Mazhayum movie is based on organ transplantation while Unni Mukundan and Michael are good friends in this movie. The hero Unni Mukundan’s role in this movie is a Brahmin boy and he is from a financially poor family. Michael is suffering from a kidney problem and is in need of a kidney to transplant. That was the hinting story we are going to be seeing in the movie.

The movie’s story deals with organ donation which had been in his mind for a long the director says on social media. No director was willing to make the movie nature of the subject. Harikumar, on the other hand, wanted to do the movie, he says. Besides

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Release Date Details:

The movie Kaattum Mazhayum movie expected on 06 Nov 2022 Seeing as how there is exactly a year to go for the release date. The audience is hoping that the movie will release it in time, keeping the pandemic in mind.

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