Father Chitti Umaa Karthik Movie Particulars, Cast details, Release Date Details

 Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie

The factors thought of as forbidden in culture when presented as well as said openly on the display screen, it arises that culture is approving several of the adjustments needed to develop the nation. Father Chitti Umaa Karthik Movie has some dynamic scenes and conversations along with funny and dramatization that are going to be enticing amongst the viewers. Here find the full details of Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie .


‘FCUK’ Movie Particulars:

  • Director : Vidya Sagar Raju
  • Producer: K L Damodara Prasad
  • Starring: 
  • Jagapati Babu ( Father)
  • Ram Karthik (Karthik)
  • Ammu Abhirami( Umaa)
  • Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo
  • Language: Telugu

‘ FCUK’ Movie Plot:

Father Chitti Umaa Karthik is a Telugu bewitching drama movie that has some grown-up segments. The story begins with Bhupal, a central-aged guy who trades prophylactics for nutrition. Being a widower, he takes duty for his only child yet remarkably, his child is the opposite of his father.

Karthik (Youngster) loved a girl recognized as Umaa that is remarkably charming and additionally appealing in addition to is presently involved. Also after catching this, Kaarthik does not sophisticated avoid the possibility in addition to trying his finest yet however, Bhupal in some way establishes as the cause behind disliking the Kaarthik by Umma. An adorable small personality shows up in the flick which Bhupal earns. Currently, the whole movie revolves around these 4 personalities as well as simply how the baby affects every person’s life.

To identify if Karthik joined Umma in addition to whom that baby belongs, you men need to stroll to theatres.

FCUK’ Full movie Download, leaked by Filmyzilla:

Resembles it ends up being customary by the spurt sites to leakage every singular flick before or swiftly after its launch. FCUK movie likewise expanded as the sufferer of piracy swiftly after its discharge on the display screen.

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The Assumptions From The Movie:

After reviewing the acronym of the movie name, a special interest rate was prompted among the people. The movie talks carelessly concerning prophylactics, sex-related scenes, as well as virginity. No doubt it got most likely focus from youngsters for its striking scenes in addition to remarks. Also after holding pieces of magnetic sections along with telling stories, the movie does not have a much better implementation. The simple bestowal along with lack of emotional touch makes the movie not so frustrating. Some movie doubters remain in a suggestion that the skills have been underutilized.

Please Note:

If you are simply burnt out as well as wish to have some enjoyment with your good friends, fcuk motion image is an excellent go. Being an adult movie, the movie can not be viewed with homes around nonetheless you will not regret seeing it with your beloved buddies as well as buddies.

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