Shahid Kapoor’s Latest Bull Movie News Updates and Release Date Details

Shahid Kapoor’s Latest Bull Movie

Shahid Kapoor’s next film called Bull has stood locked for a 2023 release. The movie will arrive at movie theaters on April 2023. The film has directed by debutant director Aditya Nimbalkar and keeps set in the 1980s and is forced by genuine requirements. Bhushan Kumar said Bull is an assertive venture and one of the biggest action films appearing from the Music organization stable, we keep on soothing the crowd’s well-established feeling with the cinema with this release. It exists a Shahid Kapoor film tailor-made to be considered at your closest theater.

Cast & Crew:

Bull is a 2022 Bollywood movie, directed by Aditya Nimbalkar. The Bull film has produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Amar Butala, and Garima Mehta. The star Shahid Kapoor is in the lead role.

Movie Plot:

Bull film story stands animated by genuine occasions from the existence of Brigadier Farukh Bulsara and the action film lives framed during the 1980s. The film revolves around how Bulsara drove Operation Cactus in 1988 in the Maldives. Around then, the Indian Armed Forces helped the Maldivian armed force to assume command over the country.

While talking about the movie, Kapoor in an explanation said that Bull is an all-out action movie. In a meeting with India Today, the Haider entertainer said that the film has propelled by genuine experiences. Adding that it was an honor to assume the part of an infantry soldier. He also referenced that the open door was refreshing and really an honor.

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Release Date Details:

We hope to release a big-screen horror loaded up with adrenaline so it really is a Good Friday in the cinema world. The Bull movie has directed to hit the floors right off the stick in the year 2022. Recently the movie makers have announced the movie release date on 05 Jun 2022.

Taran Adarsh tweets on Twitter about this movie

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