Atithi Devo Bhava Full Movie Download Leaked By Movierulz

Atithi Devo Bhava Full Movie Download

Atithi Devo Bhava is a romantic entertainer film directed by Polimera Nageshwar. The film stars Adi Sai Kumar and Nuveksha in the lead roles. Music by Shekhar Chandra, cinematography by Amarnath Bommireddy, and editor by Karthik Srinivas. The film is being produced by Rajababu Miryala and Ashok Reddy Miryala under the banner of Srinivasa Cine Creations.

Trailer Details:

The makers have released a trailer on this occasion. One of the famous actors Nani has released the trailer of this movie. The trailer begins with an elastic dialogue in which all the idols are set aside and the Buddha is left in the middle. Love, the action-oriented trailer is impressive. The film was co-produced by Miryala Ram and Ashok Reddy. The trailer begins with a glimpse into the life of a young man (played by Adi) who is unlucky with love. He also said that women are perfect with both make-up and break-up. Adi has a mysterious side and he has a hidden weakness from the world. He finally finds his soul mate in the girl played by Nuveksha, who admits to all his stupidity. However, after marriage, their equations are distorted and Adi starts behaving strangely.

Movie Story:

Abhay as Aadi Sai Kumar has a mental problem. Its name is monophobia. Its symptom is that if you are alone, suicidal thoughts will come. With that, he always makes sure to have four people around him. Girlfriend Breakup says that Abhay has always bored with being with friends like that. Then another girl Vaishnavi as Nuveksha comes into Abhay’s life. The two fall in love. Vaishnavi, however, hides his mental problem for fear that he will leave if he finds out. But how long … the day will come when it will come out. What happened then. Has Abhay overcome monophobia? What finally happened? Is to look at the rest of the movie screen.

Atithi Devo Bhava Full Movie Download Leaked By Movierulz:

Atithi Devo Bhava movie has released on 07 Jan 2022 in theatres. The movie has leaked by the famous illegal website Movierulz. This site has third-party links and pop-up ads which may affect your devices. So don’t use these sites to download the movie. You may prefer only to watch the movies in theatres and digital OTT platforms.

Movie Review:

Stories like this need a very experienced narrator. Also, the narrator should not only be interested in psychological matters but also have a deep understanding. But does not appear in the writing of this story. Thriller movies have the same definition … the same “a story of high suspense.” That. Also, if you want to look like a good thriller … you have to choose the point where there is a great complication … a wonderful drama that arises from it. Progressive tension is part of the story that keeps us immersed until the climax and ends with an unexpected turn. However,  will not appear in the film. The suspense in the story, however, is not as big as the interest in what happens next. The film looked to run without the same change as it started with any complications at the beginning. It took a long time to establish the characters and the complexity.

With that said nothing seems to have happened in Firsthalf. Correspondingly the whole story revolves around a point called monophobia. They feel like they are new to this point..it will be a while..what big problems came in the life of the hero with that mental problem. He stretched the story with a single-point agenda without twists and turns, regardless of how he got into more trouble in the process of avoiding them. Key scenes are also taken to take light. For real-life scenes, the problem is that there is no proper balance between the cinematic scenes. Another flaw is that in some places the narrative seems too absurd. However, no matter how much patience has shown, the film grows slowly and gets boring. The film, which aroused some interest in Interval, failed to maintain that level of tension in the second half. The climax is horrible.

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