2020 Latest Yaarukkum Anjael Tamil Movie

Yaarukkum Anjael Tamil Movie

Yaarukkum Anjael is a Tamil movie. Directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi while produced by Devarajulu Markandeyan. The Movie lead roles played by  Bindhu Madhavi and Darshana Banik. Bindu Madhavi is looking good and she looks are very pretty in this movie. Music is given by CS Sam for this film.

The poster has an image of a blood-doused butterfly. A butterfly is a soft creature, so when there’s blood over it, you know that it has seen its share of violence,” says director Ranjit, who is quick to clarify that violence does not just mean gory action.”Even staring at someone or invading someone’s private space is a type of violence.

The film is about two sisters, who are living abroad and how they overcome some unexpected conflicts that arise when they decide to come down to Ooty to sell their ancestral property.

Yaarukkum Anjael Movie Info – Cast & Crew, Teaser, Release Date

Cast & Crew

  • Movie Cast: Bindhu Madhavi and Darshana Banik
  • Directed by: Ranjit Jeyakodi
  • Produced by: Devarajulu Markandeyan
  • Screenplay: Ranjit Jeyakodi
  • Story by: Ranjit Jeyakodi
  • Music by: Sam CS
  • Cinematography: Kavin Raj
  • Edited by: VJ Sabu Joseph
  • Production Company: Third Eye Entertainments


The Yaarukkum Anjael movie first look was recently launched by STR and Vijay Sethupathi. This is directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi. The Movie story is about two sisters, who are living in abroad. The sisters decide to come down to Ooty to sell their familial property and come across some unexpected problems. How to solve their problems , that is the base story.

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