2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4 Full movie details

2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4: Teaser, Trailer, and Release Date Details

2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4 Full movie details, the name itself, made fear people among Karnataka. Dandupalya village in Hoskote District from Karnataka State [India], and is very famous for notorious activities in the ’90s. The gang of almost ten people who showcase themselves as daily labor and target single women who stay in the house and rob their house by raping and committing murder without leaving a clue. The police department had tried several ways to catch hold of them for such a long time.

Till then, so many people become prey for this gang. Post several hardcore operations from the Police department. The group had caught and finally put them in jail with stringent actions. Director Srinivas Raju narrated this story on the screen very well also with the help of Producer Prashant G.R., and Girish T 1st part of this film was released in the year 2012. The budget which was spent on this movie was around $30.000, which is 3 Crore.

Despite several speculations, Dandupalya 1st part was successfully portrayed and gained a massive positive response across the film industry. I also successfully earned 40 Crore in the box office collection.
We should appreciate the cast and crew, especially Pooja Gandhi, Raghu Mukherjee, Priyanka Kothari, P. Ravi Shankar Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Jayadev Mohan, Sudharani, Bhavya for their versatile acting. No one ever found feeling bore while watching the movie. Several parties criticized this film for having so many offensive scenes.
As a result of peculiar acting from Pooja Gandhi had received the best actress in a negative role and Best actress award from Suvarna Film awards.

The sequel of Dandupalya 2 was released in the year 2017, and again Pooja Gandhi took the responsibility of acting in the lead role and was directed by Srinivasa Raju and produced by Venkat, with music composed by Arjunjanya. Dandupalya 2 was released in 2 versions, i.e., Kannada and Telugu. The approximate budget which was spent on this movie was around 1.5 Crore and against which they made 10 Crore. Most of us are enjoyed the film without having similar expectations when compared to part 1. Director Srinivasa Raju taken excellent care of portraying the second part without making the audience scatters somewhere else. Each poster of the movie created a buzz across the citizens, and few parties criticized several provoking scenes in the film.

Similarly, Dandupalya 3 was also released in the year 2018. Probably very fewer movies are released in four different sequels in the Kannada film industry. Each time before releasing this movie received so many critics from one of the other grounds. Be it crime scenes, provoking of violations, etc. As a result of excellent response in the 2nd part, the sequel of this part released in the Telugu version as well.


2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4 Full movie details is a new Kannada movie, Written & Directed By KT Nayak.The actors in this movie are very Prominent such as Suman Regunathan, Sanjeev, Vittal Ramdurga, Arun Bachchan, Richa Shastri, Bullet Somu and Sneha, and so on. The movie is an Action Crime Thriller. The Censor Board was initially rejecting movie as the Film contains so much Violence. The movie was Produced by Venkaat and Music is done by Anand Rajavikraman

Dandupalyam 4 Kannada Movie Teaser:

The Teaser was released on May 31, 2019. As of Previous Dandupalyam movies, this movie also has extreme violence and crimes. The crew has made any announcement regarding the release date yet.

Dandupalyam 4 Kannada Movie Trailer:

After so much of waiting, the trailer was released on September 26, 2019. The movie trailer is showing us that it’s the same as all other Dandupalyam movies. The Crew has also given a clear picture regarding the release of this movie, and it will be released on November 1st, 2019.

Songs: 2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4 Full movie details

Tappankuchi Steppu Hodi:

Anthony Daasan, Jogi Sunitha, sang this Song. Anand Rajavikram makes music, and Venkaat does lyrics. The song was released on YouTube on October 17, 2019. The Song is receiving excellent and positive reviews across social media, as well.

Movie Plot: 2019 New Kannada Movie Dandupalyam 4 Full movie details


Movie Plot is very same as other Dandupalyam movies. The gang had come to City from their Villages for small jobs. On doing the jobs, they will also Search for the houses in which the women are residing alone. After planning, they send the women in the gang to the house, and she will ask water for drinking. When the Lady alone in the house goes to fetch the water, she calls up all the gang members to that place. And they enter the house forcefully and kill the lady by cutting the throat. They loot everything for there and also the gang members rape as well. After getting the loot, they will return to their respective Villages and comes after spending their share of loot on luxury and comes back to the city for another crime.

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